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Move Over Tiles, the Buttons Have Arrived!

Boat drying

During Open Studio time this afternoon, a friend joined me and started to make some buttons. Fall, winter and school related motifs were stamped into dozens of round shaped buttons. In the past, this friend has made many a buttons and today was no exception. By dinner time, and after a few glasses of wine, over 175 buttons were completed! Just a few more shelves filled on the drying rack and space is now at a premium. Hopefully by the weekend the 155 tiles, 175 buttons and 10 more Empty Bowls can get fired. As for me today, I made a few more boat shapes…

Buttons for sale

Tiles Are Taking Over the Studio!

During Open Studio Time, a few students have decided to tile the back splash of one of their kitchens! This is a very ambitious project and this dynamic duo has done a great job making their tiles. In two afternoons they completed 155 tiles. Every flat space, board and rack in the studio have these unique tiles drying. Once I can fire them, the girls will be back to glaze. Shown is one of my textured tiles that I completed during a class I was teaching at the St. Clair Art Association. It gives me an idea that maybe my kitchen can use an update with a few new tiles! There is seven tiles in this series, all very similar with faint stains and oxides, along with the edges glazed in black. Approx. 4″ x 4″, each tile is $18 if your are interested shoot me an email from my contact page.

Textured Tile

Boats in the Studio

I’ve been working on a series of boat shapes. I work intuitively and this is the shape that developed. Each form is textured, stained and glazed. I’ve build them from red and white clay and experimented with chalks, watercolors and stains. All the different sizes also make these shapes unique for display.These pieces are a reflection to the textured trays I made last spring. The trays have sold well, so we shall see how these boat shapes set sail. See info on how to purchase on the For Sale page.

Large Boat 1

Small Boat 2

Small Boat 3