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Caught Me Thinking

mini raky pink frame $10Pink raku Italian tilePort Austin Michigan tile $8Just like the alternative Canadian band Bahamas sings “Caught Me Thinking”, these last two raku firing have been sweeet! These mini tiles have been a fun experiment with big results. The bold, garish resin frames have been toned down with copper spray paint and some metallic highlights. More Italian tiles framed and unframed plus Michigan tiles galore. Here are a few for the Post Austin area. Hope to see you at the Thumb Arts Studio tour June 16 & 17 in Port Austin. For more info go to

mini raku tile copper frame $10

Port Austin Michigan tile $8

More Than Mud

The “More Than Mud” exhibit at Studio 1219 will feature Jason Stier, John Henry and myself. The show runs from August 16 to October 2, 2011. The Opening Reception for “More Than Mud” is August 19 from 6-9 pm. Studio 1219 is located in downtown Port Huron.

The pieces on exhibit will feature my new “Loft Art” series which captures textures and layers that resemble the noise of our lives. Some of the industrial pieces have been fired four to six times. Firings range from oxidation, reduction, Raku and pit firing.

You will be surprised with the range and the mixed media of the work. I have reached back to my college days and started to paint canvas using oil pastels, watercolors and chalks. Interesting fibers, ceramic disgards and a little bit of “junk” are incorporated into these pieces. Experiments with low fire glazes, stains and metallics create a unique body of work.

I hope you can join me at the Opening Reception on August 19 from 6 – 9 pm. All guests will receive a tiny treasure while supplies last.


Vasefinder Competition

The possibilities of CLAY combined with the human need for self-expression can grab onto our very souls with an unrelenting grip. This is evident in the high quality of work submitted. True expression, creativity and innovation are deeply seated in knowledge of the PAST.

Kudos to Charlie Blim for his passion to keep REAL POTTERY ALIVE….

Bob Nelson, January 2010

Visit to see some exceptional vases! Under the Nationals button you will see this years exhibitors. Scroll down and I am #38 to view “Heritage”.