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New directions, new glaze combos

Subtle changes in glaze colors, $35

I can’t waste anything in the studio. Even old jars or test glazes that are just ugly. So I decided to retest on some new funky bowls and see what came out. To my surprise the majic is a keeper. If you are interested in purchasing any of these bowls just send me an email at contact@redmuddstudio.comfor the shipping and handling.

Love the colors, $35 SOLD

Blue and green satin matt glaze, $35

Empty Bowls is Always a Great Fundraiser

Empty Bowls trimmed

Records were broken for this years Empty Bowls! Over $17,000 was raised! More than 300 tickets were sold and more patrons came this year than ever. All of my 50 bowls were snatched up. At first I thought 50 bowls was a little too much but by the end of the evening all of the donations were gone. We used the back stock from previous years so we didn’t run out. Thank you for supporting the 9th Annual Empty Bowls event with proceeds going to Mid City Nutrition.