A Slamming Good Time…

Most of you know what I am  talking about, when I mention “The X-Stitch Girls.” This group of 11 women has being getting together once a week for the past 23 years. It first started out as a class I taught through Adult Education at our local college. It grew and moved on to a home where we would gather and stitch. Decades later, not too much stitching but a lot of laughing and slamming!

Tonight we experienced “Cowboy Candy” dip, “Tim Tam Slams” and found out one of the girls is “equipped.” Looks like we were priming the pump because tomorrow several of us will be traveling to Partridge Creek for a day of shopping, eating and more laughing.

We travel often on little jaunts to areas in the state of Michigan we find interesting. We have a yearly trip to Sommerset Mall during November for some heavy duty shopping. Three girls and their spouses will be traveling to Italy in October and I will be going to Italy week later to study pottery at La Meridiana. During the summer months one gal hosts “Happy Hour” every Friday evening for drinks, dinner and dip in the pool.

You get the picture. These women have done countless acts of kindness and would give up their left kidney if asked at a drop of a hat. Count your blessings and your friends. I am truly blessed to be in this league of women. Their support and friendship means everything to me.

Please note the brand new refrigerator in photograph behind Ann. Rose was a trooper as she hosted the month of September without a refrigerator!

Ann slam!




By Deborah J. Bassett-Maxwell

Graduate of Kendall College of Design, Grand Rapids, MI Owner of Red Mudd Studio, Kimball, MI

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