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All Good Things Must Come to an End

In Over My Head

I excel at procrastination, it is my best feature. It’s at the top of my resume and is my finest quality. I have several weeks to prepare for the Holiday Pottery Sale at Red Mudd Studio on November 19/20. I set a goal of 320 pieces. Does the small stuff count like Michigan tiles and wine bottle charms? I made 85 stinking charms in one afternoon. I am behind the eight ball on these bread and butter items. I’m lucky enough to have two wine shops purchase them wholesale to sell in their lovely little shops gracing the pretty reds and whites! Normally I have a shoe box full of the Michigan tiles. Do you think I can complete? It doesn’t help when I drop a box of pottery onto another box of pottery and break 14 at a time. So every day it seems like I become a Michigan tile making machine and hammer out about 16 at a whack. I’m just not seeing the end results with each kiln load producing a handful at a time. What’s up with that?

The More Than Mud exhibit was a smashing success! I’ve sold many of the never been seen before wall pieces which is very exciting. There will be a lot of these new pieces up in my studio before the big Holiday sale. Stop by my studio anytime if you can’t make it to Studio 1219 before October 2nd.

Kathy’s Kick’s

A Slamming Good Time…

Most of you know what I am  talking about, when I mention “The X-Stitch Girls.” This group of 11 women has being getting together once a week for the past 23 years. It first started out as a class I taught through Adult Education at our local college. It grew and moved on to a home where we would gather and stitch. Decades later, not too much stitching but a lot of laughing and slamming!

Tonight we experienced “Cowboy Candy” dip, “Tim Tam Slams” and found out one of the girls is “equipped.” Looks like we were priming the pump because tomorrow several of us will be traveling to Partridge Creek for a day of shopping, eating and more laughing.

We travel often on little jaunts to areas in the state of Michigan we find interesting. We have a yearly trip to Sommerset Mall during November for some heavy duty shopping. Three girls and their spouses will be traveling to Italy in October and I will be going to Italy week later to study pottery at La Meridiana. During the summer months one gal hosts “Happy Hour” every Friday evening for drinks, dinner and dip in the pool.

You get the picture. These women have done countless acts of kindness and would give up their left kidney if asked at a drop of a hat. Count your blessings and your friends. I am truly blessed to be in this league of women. Their support and friendship means everything to me.

Please note the brand new refrigerator in photograph behind Ann. Rose was a trooper as she hosted the month of September without a refrigerator!

Ann slam!




It Is What It Is!

Laurie Conger standing in front of the sculpture she along with Lynne Wiencek and Claire Booms designed.Check out is wonderful sculpture at the waterfront park in downtown Port Austin, Michigan.

My student Mary and I, have a favorite saying in the studio “It will burn out!” Which we use often for just about every possible scenario we can! After surviving the Port Austin Art in the Park this past Labor Day weekend, I have a new slogan: “It is what it is!”

How long have I known about this fair each year? Yet I continue to procrastanate and not use my time wisely in the studio prior to this sale. It’s my best show in sales, the most fun with my potter  friend Laurie Conger and the whole gang and my feet never touch the ground the entire time I’m visiting Port Austin, Michigan. So I began to fast fire the kiln on Monday with four firings prior to leaving Friday morning. Mind you, I had to leave a bisque load behind because there were not enough hours in the day or night, for the cool down. Talk about being chained to the kiln! So I just kept telling myself on the two hour drive “Deb, it is what it is.” Of course it was just fine selling the stock I had and not all of the new pieces that were just thrown in the four days before. Silly girl!

Lynne Wiencek, Artist and Designer of Whim Originals is a metal-smith and jeweler. Her work is to die for. We traded this past weekend and I got a beautiful bracelet. She scored some buttons to use in future creations. Be sure to check her out at

A new clay artist, Susan Gilland with her inspirational ceramic art tiles was also at Art in the Park. She liked my business card boats and raku faces, so we traded and I got some great tiles! Her email is and can find her Soul Garden Creations on Facebook.

Of course Port Austin potter Laurie Conger had some amazing mermaid pieces and I got one of her huge trays! Don’t forget to check out Brenda Hines of Dancing Hedgehog Glass Art Studio with beautiful hand made beads. I filled my bracelet with new beads to add to my collection. Her work is amazing and I love all the pieces which I wear just about each day! Her website is

Wire wrapped bracelet by Whim Originals