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This wave has been no anklebuster but just a steady stream of wet spray! I am truly blessed and grateful for all of the wonderful things that have happen to me since September 2010. It’s been one heck of a wave I’ve been riding, kinda like a tidal wave. I would prefer smooth sailing with all of the opportunities that have come my way. Each day the phone rings and I get to do something new, bigger and better than the day before. No complaints here.

Today I discovered why I have struggled in the studio since January 2011. No water and being sick in bed for 15 days have not helped me get my work done. I always manage to distract myself with something other that is more fun to do rather than producing the body of work I need to sell at my shows this summer. I have avoided the wheel like it’s the plague. I should say, I’ve avoided the  wheel to do functional pieces. I’ve played on the wheel to make fun things and I have produced a nice line of work that was submitted for the Detroit Institute of Arts and for my upcoming show I have in August at Studio 1219.

I’ve decided I don’t like making functional anyone. There, I’ve said it. But in reality I have to sell functional to keep making the fun stuff. This summer customers might notice a change in my tent. One side will be limited functional pieces and the other side will be my “Need to Create Side” just for fun. I hope you all will enjoy the new work and the familiar pieces with a few twists.

Maybe as this wave keeps me focused, the new adventures will bring it closer to cowabunga!

By Deborah J. Bassett-Maxwell

Graduate of Kendall College of Design, Grand Rapids, MI Owner of Red Mudd Studio, Kimball, MI

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