Steve, Eric and Neil…

Busy day in the studio

You have let me down. This has never happened. It was just one of those days in the studio, which was super productive. However, many crazy thoughts swirling in my head and I could not control them. Usually the people singing drown out my negative thoughts and inspire my creative spirit. Today “Higher Love”, “She’s Waiting”, and “Cowgirl in the Sand” were just songs playing on the CD.

A good friend of mine told me I have a professional business and I promote other artists and potters. What a nice compliment. This is true. At all of my sales and shows at my studio I have featured over 12 potters and dozens of artists including jewelers, painters, photographers, wood workers, fiber and paper artists in the last five years. We need to promote the arts and I love doing that. I also print two post cards a year with a quantity of 2,000 each with show dates of local shows. However, it is crazy when some people cannot see the big picture and do not approve. I figure it is their loss; no more free advertisements. Silly people!

At the Marysville Art in the Park show this past weekend, a customer asked if I had made a bowl she purchased a few years back. After she described it, I knew Duane Collin had made the batter bowl and I gave her a post card and told her that he will be at the next show. I think Duane is the best potter in St. Clair County. Another customer wanted tall mugs and I told her she saw those mugs at my show but Laurie Conger makes the best mugs with the best handles. I gave her my postcard and told her she will be at my holiday show. I think Laurie Conger is the best potter in the thumb area of Michigan. Why do people see this as competition? I like to think everyone should help the next artist to get a sale.

Another good friend of mine told me nice girls finish last. Can this be true? I need positive reinforcements that all of my hard work has been the right thing to do. Maybe it is just one fly in the ointment not looking at the big picture. Good thing we all are entitled to our own thoughts. Maybe I need to think twice about going out of my way to help others. Too bad those people who reaped the benefits have short memories. I am sure Steve, Eric, Neil will be back in the saddle tomorrow, and all will be right with the world!

mugs, brie bakers and 'to do" picture
more mugs and brie bakers
large brie bakers
messy studio

By Deborah J. Bassett-Maxwell

Graduate of Kendall College of Design, Grand Rapids, MI Owner of Red Mudd Studio, Kimball, MI

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