Deodorant in Port Austin, Michigan

Most people have a good memory, I don’t. The only time I can recall details is when the subject matter relates to my family and my work, and then it’s a little shaky.┬áLast year in Art in the Park at Port Austin, MI, a couple with a college aged son visited my booth. The gentleman asked if I was here last year because he remembered my work. My brain went into over drive and I said “Yes, don’t you have a son attending Eastern MI University, and he purchased a sushi tray?” The wife’s head whipped around and shouted “How can you remember that?” We chatted for awhile and the son purchased another sushi tray. In reality, when someone comes up to me and asks “Remember the blue bowl I bought?” Uhh, not really I make about 500 blue bowls a year. But if we talked about my passion I can recall the details. So at the end of the conversation with the nice couple from Yipsi, I confessed I can’t remember if I put on my deodorant this morning, but I can remember what piece of pottery you purchased. Really now, what’s more important? Stop by and visit me at Gallop Park located in Port Austin, MI on Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm. Look for the bell, I’m next to it with the red tent!

By Deborah J. Bassett-Maxwell

Graduate of Kendall College of Design, Grand Rapids, MI Owner of Red Mudd Studio, Kimball, MI

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