Summer Camp Survivors

When I was a kid I went to summer camp and it was the high light of my summer vacation. When you think of Summer camp it means to go and then return. Like unruly kids, they get shipped off, shape up and eventually return home. Just like farm animals, when its their turn to no longer be the animal but the food on the table.  Cows, pigs, chickens and others board a trailer and off  to summer  camp they go. They too, just like children return home, only they return in sections, packaged and frozen and sitting in the freezer.

Well, at Red Mudd Studio, seconds, bad and or ugly pots go to summer camp. They too return to my horror! Its been so dry that the pond has shrunk about 4′ to 5′ around the edge. Mind you, I have been using the pond for summer camp for over five years and the water has not receded that much.

Friends and customers love to walk the edge and find treasures. I’m absolutely mortified when they find piece and want to actually buy it. I need to work on my throwing arm. I’ve learned to toss the pieces directly into the center of the pond where its 14′ deep!

By Deborah J. Bassett-Maxwell

Graduate of Kendall College of Design, Grand Rapids, MI Owner of Red Mudd Studio, Kimball, MI

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