Summer Camp is Open!

Stitch, also know w/ a French accent "Stitch-a-Roo"
Stitch, also known w/ a French accent "Stitch-a-Roo"
Summer Camp
Summer Camp


1st Spring day with the door up

Yesterday was a beautiful day! It was over 50 degrees, the pond is thawed and there is plenty of mud! It was the first time this year I opened the overhead garage door and it was wonderful. The joke about Summer Camp, which is the pond next to the studio, is the place for all of my pottery that does not make it to the gallery shelves or art fairs. It’s interesting when customers and students visit, they walk along the pond and notice the dead pots at the edge. I’ve had several people pick up the pots and scurry off!. Now I need to throw the pots to the center of the pond! The waters edge keeps shrinking and exposes past mistakes. I use to throw the pots into the field, but again, excited friends and customers thought they were the best pieces going. Cringe! If the bad pots don’t make it to Summer Camp, Brad and Hannah do enjoy a good practice round of shooting… Hope to have the door up for the rest of the week, snow is due back this weekend! 

Looking out from Studio
Looking out garage door

By Deborah J. Bassett-Maxwell

Graduate of Kendall College of Design, Grand Rapids, MI Owner of Red Mudd Studio, Kimball, MI

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