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Summer Camp is Open!

Stitch, also know w/ a French accent "Stitch-a-Roo"

Stitch, also known w/ a French accent "Stitch-a-Roo"

Summer Camp
Summer Camp


1st Spring day with the door up

Yesterday was a beautiful day! It was over 50 degrees, the pond is thawed and there is plenty of mud! It was the first time this year I opened the overhead garage door and it was wonderful. The joke about Summer Camp, which is the pond next to the studio, is the place for all of my pottery that does not make it to the gallery shelves or art fairs. It’s interesting when customers and students visit, they walk along the pond and notice the dead pots at the edge. I’ve had several people pick up the pots and scurry off!. Now I need to throw the pots to the center of the pond! The waters edge keeps shrinking and exposes past mistakes. I use to throw the pots into the field, but again, excited friends and customers thought they were the best pieces going. Cringe! If the bad pots don’t make it to Summer Camp, Brad and Hannah do enjoy a good practice round of shooting… Hope to have the door up for the rest of the week, snow is due back this weekend! 

Looking out from Studio

Looking out garage door

No More Boat Anchors!

What a great day in the studio despite the raining and blowing outside. A great friend came over with a tasty Greek salad and I provided warm bread sticks from the little country store down the road. Good conversation about our dogs and solving the worlds problems came to end all too soon. She needed to get home to walk the dog. My friend picked out one of the new blue glazed boat shapes that are textured with unique images, doodles and this and that. Like I’ve preached before, any pieces that I like (become boat anchors and never move) is a very good indicator that they will NOT be a good seller in the show room or at fairs. What a nice surprise to think that this trend may be ending! These boats just make me smile when I get them completed. My intentions were to stain them and use black glaze on the interior and edges. I’ve changed my mind and have finished them all differently. The glazed one was a huge surprise, it was a dusty blue and looked manly. I don’t like blue but blue sells, go figure? People try to match pottery to their sofa, so I have a lot of “Mother-In-law Blue” pieces available. But this blue had a variegated color to almost sandy brown tones. Unfortunately I was unable to take a photograph prior to the sale, but there are more boats and a 5-gallon bucket of that blue glaze just waiting to be used. Who knows, I may break down and glaze one in “Mother In-law Blue”!

drying on a bucket of glaze

Big Red – Just a Dirty Job


Looking around the studio today I noticed a lot of clay. Just received a large Laguna clay delivery from my Transportation Director. Besides the 1,000 pounds sitting under the tables, there is about seven 5 gallon buckets with reclaim waiting to be pugged. Looks like this weekend I will fire up the pug mill, also known as Big Red. I purchased the pug mill this past November from Eastern Michigan University for a great price. It’s about 30 years old and just pugs, no airing or deairing or anything fancy. I’ve pugged clay for friends, Riverview East High School, currently working on the seven buckets for the St. Clair Art Association and for any potters who want to bring their reclaim and exchange it for some nice clay. It’s a heck of a lot better than hand wedging clay, but still a dirty job. Maybe I could get Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel out to Kimball Township…

Big Red pug mill

What do mean the Olympics are over?

The Olympics were great, I watched them just about 24/7. Even watched the reruns at 3 am when I couldn’t sleep. Curling even didn’t bother me, but that was my least favorite sport. Best part of the closing ceremonies was icon Neil Young. Looks like the CD will be playing again in the studio with a few of my favorites, Annie Lenox, R.E.M., and Neil Young’s ‘Live at Massey Hall.’

“Magnificent M.A.M.” Mosaic Art Comes to Studio 1219

On March 6, 2010, Studio 1219 will proudly host an opening for the mosaic show, “Magnificent M.A.M.: The Mosaic Artists of Michigan in Two and Three Dimensions.” This show, fresh from the Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Center, features the colorful designs and expressive renderings of fine art mosaic masters from all over the state of Michigan. The public is invited to attend the reception March 6, from 7 pm to 9 pm to share conversation, wine, appetizers and this unforgettable exhibit. The show runs from March 6 through April 17. For more information, visit these websites: and

A bit of whimsy is offered with this show such as mosaic shoes of all sizes and shapes, plus a spectacular mosaic-covered guitar and doghouse. Many M.A.M. members have achieved recognition in the art community from solo and international juried exhibits, publication in mosaic and other art books and magazines, plus public and private commissions including a group project to recreate children’s artwork in mosaic for the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

“This is a great opportunity for the public to see a wonderful and unique collection of mosaic artwork,” said Lee-Perry Belleau, Director. “The Mosaic Artists of Michigan began in 2003 to share, educate and promote the resurgence of interest and appreciation in the ancient art of mosaics.”

 Studio 1219 is a nonprofit arts incubator and gallery dedicated to empowering artists to make an economic impact in the region. Open Tuesday, Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm, Thursday – Saturday 10 am – 8 pm. For more information, please call 810.984.2787.

Mosaic Artists of Michigan